It's all about the creek…and the mountains

Our Home Away From Home

Just spent another 5 weeks at Gili’s. It is the home we always wanted in NC but without the headaches of having two homes. It is really magical to us and our dog Abby. We come, unpack and make believe we live here and it’s always so hard to come back home to Florida. But our grandbabies are down there so coming to Gili’s is the next best thing to living here. Besides, where else could we find a creek AND a pond AND a hideaway like Gili’s? It’s one of a kind.
This year I sent my hubby home after our stay and I stayed on to enjoy a writer’s retreat with my writing group ladies who came up from Florida. We had 4 action packed days of enjoying the area, creek, cooking yummy meals and sharing our stories around the campfire at night. Owners Linda and Jorge are the perfect hosts and always make sure we have everything we need.  So even though I want to say, “You’ll hate it here. Go somewhere else,” there isn’t any place better than Gili’s or their other rental home next door, Blackwell Branch.

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