It's all about the creek…and the mountains

This Place Is Spotless

This place is spotless!  There are SO MANY great reviews for this property, and they are all absolutely true. Everything about the house is so well thought out. It’s very easy to find everything you might need. Linda is such a joy to communicate with, and she really knows how to make a home. This place is spotless. The kitchen is fully stocked. We were able to do laundry. It is seriously a home away from home. My four year old daughter loved swinging and the hammock. We all had a blast fishing at the pond. They keep a well maintained trail all the way around the pond and down to a couple neat gravel bars on the creek. We even got to see a plane take off at the airstrip while we were fishing!! You can grab anything you might need about 20 minutes away in town. Linda even gave us an alternate route back to Atlanta when she discovered our daughter got carsick coming through the mountains. All in all, we had the most comfortable, quiet, fun, peaceful weekend we could imagine.

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